Break Your Mental Barriers: A story of Women Entrepreneur

Break Your Mental Barriers: A story of Women Entrepreneur

The title itself shows that, the Socio-Economic perspective of the villagers towards the women in the village. The cultural and social taboo defines people's mentality which brings a prospective that women are meant to manage the household activities and should step out of the house and do their own business.   

This is a story of Vanita Khole from Pangoan, Brshi who come forward to break all these village norms and be self-depended to support her own family. Vanita received SVEP entrepreneurship training from MSRLM -UMED through SSP in 2017, she decided to start a small ice-candy manufacturing unit; she saw lack of such shops in the village would give her a good opportunity for her. She has been running it for the past two years along with managing her household chores. Though she didn’t face much problem from her family, but societal culture resisted her within the household boundaries.    

Now she plans to expand her business by selling other products along with ice-candy like Lassi, ice-creams, etc. Lack of such innovative shops in the village gave her an idea to open one which provides products of good quality of products at an affordable price. Her family supports her in her in many different ways. The training provided by SSP has helped her gain knowledge on entrepreneur skills which she was not aware as well as provided her confidence to run her business.   

With the training she has become a better person with understanding about marketing skills, value chain, maintaining records, attracting more customers and expanding her business.   

Marinating recodes helps her to understand the customer needs and her profit margin accordingly plan for her next level. She is ready to take the risk to expand her business within and outside the village. She hires people to sell ice-cream in her village as well as in nearby villages as she understands the need for market linkage in the business. She advises others to invest their own money in their business as that is the only way to earn a good profit margin and work for our full potential. She prepares all the products herself in the house with the help of her husband which help in maintaining the quality of the product.   

She has done a great job and is able to earn a good amount of income for her family. Currently, she is earning around 3 to 4 Lakh rupees per year, which may vary from season to season. This kind of business provides a good opportunity for anyone who wishes to work from home she says. Now she feels empowered and is capable of stepping out of her house, travels to places to select raw material, expand her business and stands as an inspiration to many more women. Vinita adds, “Paisa Paksha Atmasanmana Mahatacha the ani tho mi milavala.”{Self-respect and dignity are more important than money}. I have earned it through my business. Through the initiatives of the SSP, the women are not only becoming economically strong but they are also earning social status in their villages. 

Vanita Khole Contact Details: 8208542513