Building women’s leadership for climate action in Odisha

ORISSSA an experienced NGO leads the frontline work with women's groups with SSP as a resource organization globally in partnership with the Huairou Commission and Climate Justice Resilience Fund (CJRF).     

The cyclonic storm, Fani has devastated poor communities and women are triply affected by the losses. Instead of mourning their losses, these brave women's collectives have seriously begun restoring livelihoods, homes and their villages in Ganjam district in Odisha. Mud-crab farming initiated recently too was dismantled by the winds on the Chilika waters.   

Taking advantage of the moist soil, women farmer groups are now busy preparing to take up mixed-crop on their small land patches using resilient traditional seeds that will help to face the coming monsoons in order to secure family food production. â€‹Women's groups have shown the courage to take up new crops like mushroom.   

In photo: Bimala Nahak, the Seed Mother exchanging traditional seeds with fellow women farmers in Diandein village.    

Building women's leadership for climate action -- supported by Huairou Commission with SSP and ORISSSA began in 2018 to enhance access to reliable climate information, community funds and resources for combating climate threats and building long term resilience through creating a robust government-NGO-community partnership eco system.    

Written by Chandran P, SSP May 2019