Uma Shitole, the Environmental Savior on World Environment Day!

“We can change our life if we have a will”, says Vellachi, President, Sakhi Group women farmer from Kavatta colony.   

This is the story of a group of six women farmers of Kavatta Tribal colony of Edavaka Panchayat, Wayanad. Continue reading

Sushama Babu, House Owner, Mundar, Kottayam District

The flood that occurred on August 2018 created great havoc all over Kerala. While most of the aftermaths of flood has been dealt with, there are some areas in Kerala still struggling to compact what the flood has left for Continue reading

Nothing is Impossible!

ORISSSA an experienced NGO leads the frontline work with women's groups with SSP as a resource organization globally in partnership with the Huairou Commission and Climate Justice Resilience Fund (CJRF).     

The cyclonic storm, Fani has devastated poor communities and women Continue reading

Break Your Mental Barriers: A story of Women Entrepreneur

Break Your Mental Barriers: A story of Women Entrepreneur

The title itself shows that, the Socio-Economic perspective of the villagers towards the women in the village. The cultural and social taboo defines people's mentality which brings a prospective that women Continue reading