Unnati Fellowship for Women Changemakers

The Fellowship aims to enable leadership and entrepreneurship in women from the grassroots level through the creation of an action-based program that supports women to go from “Margin to Mainstream”.

How does the fellowship work?

Twenty grassroots women with potential from the drought prone districts of Maharashtra with potential have been selected as Unnati Fellows through an extensive process on the basis of their vision and passion for transforming their communities. The Fellowship will entitle them to 12-month financial support in the form of a monthly stipend along with intensive mentoring and support from the SSP team and ecosystem.

What does the fellowship aim to do?

• Offer grassroots women the support they require to take their ideas from dream to reality.

• Create women leaders with the ability to take charge of their lives and provide direction to their communities.

• Create a platform for collaborative learning and action between grassroots women leaders and key stakeholders from different segments of society like the Government, businesses, and academia.

How can you be a part of this initiative?

You can help the Unnati Fellows in bringing about lasting change in their communities by donating to the Unnati Fellowship. It is your opportunity to mentor and guide these change-makers to implement the solutions to the difficult challenges that they have identified. You will also have the opportunity to visit these communities and see the remarkable work being done by the Fellows.