Rekha Devi: A Successful Entrepreneur and an inspiration!

An ambitious woman from the village Shivdaspur, Darbhanga, Bihar is leading the business in her family. In earlier years, it was difficult for her to run their 6 member family. It was when life seemed at its hardest that she came to know about SSP’s. SSP’s one acre model of farming is a great success in the area. 

Rekha Devi received training from SSP on Organic Farming, making bio pesticides and seed processing. She has adopted the climate resilient farming model and encouraged others to do the same. Wheat, Pulses and varieties of vegetables are a fewof the varieties of mixed crops that she cultivates in her 1 acre land. Rekha Devi’s multiple cropping ensured food and financial security at home.   

The impact of SSP Training and financial assistance had on Rekha Devi is tremendous. She now plays a major role in the decision making process in her family. Rekha Devi is now recognized by her community and villagers. After her association with SSP, her income has increased to more than 50%.She has learned farming techniques and also the entrepreneurial practices. 

After receiving financial assistance and training on Entrepreneurship, She started a Wheat and Maize Mill, later she expanded to Masala Mill (Spices Mill), and manufacturing pickles. She says her pickles are completely chemical free and she manufactures it in the complete natural process. 

The annual income of the household was just a mere 36,000 per year before her association with SSP, and now it has been increased to 4,00,000 per year. Looking back at her own life, Rekha Devi still can’t believe how far shecame and how much she has achieved. She dreams of scaling her business and for that she works harder day by day. She is an inspiration for the women.