On behalf of 1,20,000 rural women from rural Maharashtra, Swayam Shikshan Prayog is delighted to invite you to the Unnati Global Forum.

Our guest of honor, Padma Vibhushan Dr. R.A. Mashelkar (Former Director General of Council of Scientific and Industrial Research) will launch the inaugural edition of this unique global meet.

Our world today is beset by seemingly unconquerable challenges – climate change, malnutrition, income insecurity and others. While governments and organizations of every size and type are pouring in resources to realize scalable, sustainable solutions, women from Marathwada region of India are leading a revolutionary approach in tackling these challenges. As people whose lives are directly impacted by climate change, their approach is remarkably innovative, guided by local wisdom and a deep appreciation of ground reality.

The Unnati Global Forum will bring to the fore these women, their solutions, and their journey from the margins to the mainstream. Breaking myths around grassroots women leadership, their ability to take charge, the Forum will strongly emphasize women’s role as the preferred partners for creating lasting change.

Meet these remarkable women on the 26th of May 2018 in Pune as we celebrate their perseverance and courage in taking the road less traveled in transforming their families and communities.

What can you expect at Unnati?

Collaborative, first of its kind platform where the most impacted people indicate solutions for global challenges.

Inclusive forum where corporates and philanthropists engage with grassroots women leaders and share resources.

Real time insights into transformational strategies from the frontlines

Comprehensive knowledge-sharing venue offering multiple opportunities for cross collaborations

About SSP

Swayam Shikshan Prayog (SSP) empowers grassroots women to move from the margins to the mainstream. For over 20 years, SSP has been mobilizing and working with women’s collectives at the grassroots to increase their participation in the constructive use of public development resources.

To empower rural women, SSP has built a robust eco-system and incubates innovative women-led models in sustainable agriculture, bio-farming, water harvesting and afforestation. It endeavours to protect soil, water and promote clean energy, water, sanitation, health, food and nutrition security. In order to diversify income sources for the farming community SSP has created various enterprises in livestock and agri-allied sectors.

SSP has empowered 120,000 grassroots women as farmers, entrepreneurs, and leaders in sustainable development. The immense potential and multiple aspects of these approaches can be replicated in other geographies, both nationally and globally.