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  • Bringing grassroots women from margins to mainstream

  • Sustainable agriculture with progressive women farmers at the forefront

  • Sustainable agriculture with progressive women farmers at the forefront

  • An ecosystem for skilling women for entrepreneurship







Archana Gokul Mane



An economically independent woman

who runs five different enterprises, Archana is a leader who currently mentors a network of more than 250 women. Her story of success and self-confidence begins with a very painful experience…



Bhagyashri Shivanand Javale



Bhagyashri Shivanand Javale of Kumbhari village of Solapur district undertook efforts to help women in her and neighboring villages set up business enterprises. As of today, she has helped hundreds of women from 7 villages.



Shailaja Narwade



Even though Shailaja had to stop her education after class 10, she always had a keen desire to work in the agriculture sector. Her biggest concern was that even though women contribute to farming, they are not recognized as farmers…






It is a moment of great Pride and honour for us to have Prema Gopalan receive 2018 Devi Awards from Hon’ble Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis and Prabhu Chawla, Editorial Director of The New Indian Express.


We would also like to congratulate other winners: conservation architect Abha Narain Lambah, pole artiste Aarifa Bhinderwala, Actor Bhumi Pednekar, educationist Deepali Gogate, entrepreneur Falguni Nayar, city chronicler Karishma Mehta, social activist Prema Gopalan, shooter Rahi Sarnobhat, policewoman Rekha Mishra and singer Rekha Bhardwaj. The Devi award is given to exceptional Indian women who display dynamism and innovation in their work, and who change the lives and lot of people around them through that work.


The initiative was started in December 2014. The Devi events organized across the country honor women from different fields and different regions. So far honoured 168 women achievers across India have been honored. Chosen by the senior editorial team of The New Indian Express through a transparent methodology, the winners are decided based on the contribution they have made to their chosen line of work and to society in general.





SEOY 2018


The Jubilant Bhartia Foundation and the Schwab Foundation for Social Entrepreneurship announced Prema Gopalan, Founder of SSP as one of the three finalists of the India Social Entrepreneur of the Year Award, 2018. The finalists for this prestigious Award were identified based on rigorous due diligence process.


The SEOY India Award is given to the most remarkable change makers from the country – social entrepreneurs with a strong inclination towards addressing the most pertinent needs of the marginalised communities in both scalable and sustainable ways.   The three finalists of 2018 are working with the Government as well as Private Partnerships to herald grass-root transformations, through their enterprise and sustainable models.  


Prema has made it to the finals for the second time. On the spotlight is her exceptional work in building a vibrant ecosystem for 1,45,000 grassroots women and SSP is honored on her behalf.  







Prema Gopalan has become the proud recipient of SEOY 2018 Award. The Award was presented by Rajiv Kumar, Vice Chairman, National Institution for Transforming India, NITI Aayog, in New Delhi.  


The SEOY Awards, founded by Schwab Foundation for Social Entrepreneurship, the sister organization of the World Economic Forum and the Jubilant Bhartia Foundation of Jubilant Bhartia Group, promotes social entrepreneurs in India by recognizing organizations that work to promote inclusive growth and contribute to bring change in the society through their entrepreneurial vision.


This is a great milestone in the journey of Swayam Shikshan Prayog and a testimony to SSP’s tireless movement to empower each and every woman in the most vulnerable and marginalized regions of India to change her life and the lives around her.