Vision & Mission


To enable women as leaders and entrepreneurs, through social enterprises and initiatives that offer a range of skill-building, livelihoods, agricultural and health-enhancing opportunities to rural women, youth and communities.




SSP promotes sustainable community development through empowerment of women as entrepreneurs, community leaders and change-makers.

About Us

We, Swayam Shikshan Prayog, are a leading learning and developmental organization that empowers grassroots women to enable sustainable progress in underserved communities in India.

We have transformed the communities where we work, by building self-reliance, and resilient communities based on education, health services, and financial support. Over the past two decades, we have supported community-driven initiatives in rural India through women’s self-help groups and social businesses.

SSP pioneered a range of innovative programs aimed at

  • Enabling skill building
  • Livelihoods generation
  • Innovative finance
  • Health enhancing opportunities for women and youth in rural areas

We believe that women are the most powerful change agents for development in rural India. We take pride in having kindled a progressive model centered on women empowerment to steer community empowerment and resilience.