SSP began in 1989 as a self-education network facilitated by SPARC - Society for Promotion of Area Resource Centres, in Rural Maharashtra and neighbouring States. SSP began working directly with women's groups and communities in the under developed districts of Latur and Osmanabad in 1994. SSP played a role as Community Participation Consultant with the Government in the World Bank supported post earthquake rehabilitation project from 1994 to 1998. These efforts gradually evolved into a broad based community development strategy with grassroots women's groups as leading actors in the context of local development and governance.

The SSP functions on belief that the most effective means for women to learn is through a process of collective analysisof their own experiences as well as experiences of others like themselves. In practice this means creating a variety of learning opportunities for women. These have included exposure visits, dialogue meetings with state officials, study tours and melavas or information fairs. These activities have played a significant role in exposing women to new ideas and strategies, building self confidence and in creating an enabling environment for experimentation and innovation.

A significant proportion of SSP's efforts are focused on transforming institutions in a manner that they respond to the needs of the rural poor. Wherever necessary SSP is also promoting new institutional structures that are owned and managed by women's groups.
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