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SSP invites proposals from providers of IT services:

SSP has been awarded a project by USAID, called the wPower project, to empower women as entrepreneurs to improve clean energy access. Towards this objective, SSP has committed to train 1000 rural women in Maharashtra and Bihar over a period of 3 years (Oct 2012 to Sep 2015). Equipped with such training skills that will cover entrepreneurship skills, knowledge of clean energy and knowledge of specific products, these women (referred to as Sakhis) will act as resellers of these products in selected rural districts. They will be supported by awareness programs and their progress will be tracked and monitored.

SSP invites proposals from providers of IT services to design, develop, train and provide implementation support for a system to capture profiles of Sakhis, monitor, training and awareness programs, track progress of Sakhis and their operations, and generate reports to meet the requirements of USAID as well as the project team. The system should facilitate capture of data on multiple devices, such as mobile phones, tablets and laptops provide multiple language interfaces (English, Hindi, Marathi) and allow for geo-tagging of captured information. Reports should be aware on-demand and also periodically with access controls for various hierarchical levels.

The Engagement:

SSP seeks to engage services of a consultant to conduct an assessment of the outcomes and impact of the wPOWER program on the 200+ clean energy entrepreneurs (i.e. Sakhis). The consultant will need to specifically deliver the following objectives:


  1. Review the work to empower Sakhis or women entrepreneurs including training and other business support services provided by SSP
  2. Develop, test and refine metrics, processes and tools for measuring outcomes and impact;
  3. Conduct the assessment of impact and outcomes of the program on 200+ Sakhis (in partnership with the field staff of SSP)
  4. Analyze and present the impact and outcomes assessment report