About Us

Swayam Shikshan Prayog (SSP) is on the path of transformation and development, empowering women’s collectives and communities in which they work across districts in Maharashtra and five other states. SSP is fulfilling its mission, to empower grassroots women in underserved communities to attain economic self-reliance, and acquire new roles and social identities, and lead local planning and development. By tapping the power of rural women’s groups in water-scarce and climate-threatened regions, SSP has opened up non-traditional livelihood incomes and tripled household earnings. 

In the last ten years, SSP’s interventions have spawned over 1,70,000 rural women entrepreneurs, farmers and business leaders, who have in turn impacted over 5 million people to date. By building new leadership and governance in remote and excluded areas, SSP has grown these grassroots women’s networks into a formidable army of change-makers. 

Climate Resilience and Food Security in Agriculture

Health, Water and Sanitation

Clean Energy and Climate Change

Women’s Entrepreneurship and Leadership

At the core of SSP’s approach is building robust partnership ecosystems that enable grassroots women’s networks to access skills and entrepreneurship, financial and digital literacy, technology and marketing platforms.  SSP facilitates advanced women leaders to formulate and lead and transfer innovations and grow the community-level umbrella-network of SHGs and Sakhi Federations in the geographical regions of their work.  SSP and its group of social enterprises provide technical support and a wide range of skill-building and livelihoods generation planks in impact sectors such as clean energy, water and sanitation, health and nutrition, food security and agriculture.