Micro finance
•  Contribution of share capital, Rs. 1.94 million
•  Total loan amount disbursed, Rs. 27 million.

Sustainable livelihood
•  Engaging 3,000 women in 30 - 35 different activities
•  Trained over 400 grassroots women leaders in Maharashtra and Gujarat , since 2004.

Community Health
•  Trained over 300 women leaders in Latur district
•  Improved access to private sector and public health services covering 30 PHCs in 420 villages

•  Received training for 1,52,000 elected GP members on rehabilitation, development legal measures, village planning and development, empowerment of women in local governance
•  Improved good governance, access to quality and accountable basic services by nominating 300 active SHGs in village development committees, supported by National Project by UNDP
•  Created 250 model villages through micro planning, on environmental sanitation, water harvesting, personal hygiene, and child health and school enrolment.

Water and Sanitation
•  Implementing Jalswarajya Projects in five districts.
•  Working in WASMO project in two districts of Gujarat .
•  Contracted by GoM to produce the Community Operational Manual and nine booklets
•  Appointed to the State Steering Committee for the `Swajaldhara' project by GoM
•  Participated in documenting' Innovative Approaches in achieving Total Sanitation' across 52 villages in Maharashtra .

Total Sanitation Campaign
•  Trained 22,000 GP members
•  Created 30 model villages under Clean Village Competition
•  Created 50 open defecation free villages, benefited 5,000 families
•  Created 150 paraprofessionals, Benefited 520 villages, 350 officials from 16 villages
•  Conducted Information and E ducation Campaign in 220 villages covering over 40,000 households
•  Triggered sanitation assessment and implementation in 329 villages.

Building Community Resilience
•  Worked as a Community Participation Consultant with the Government of Maharashtra
•  Conducted research for two years and acted in its advisory capacity with the Government of Gujarat
•  Built 800 mid-term shelters with community level committees
•  Appointed and trained women's groups in 485 villages to coordinate recovery and rehabilitation in Maharashtra, Gujarat and Tamil Nadu
•  Provided trai ning on community-level disaster response to World Bank staff and academics in 2004
•  Provided training over 6,000 masons in retrofitting and reconstruction of earthquake safe houses.

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