Swayam Shikshan Prayog works closely with rural women to inspire entrepreneurship and self-reliance among them.

SSP serves marginalized communities through a fraternity of self-help groups; a microfinance institution that offers financial services to women-led businesses; rural schools of entrepreneurship for women; and a market aggregator that offers dedicated services to last-mile business women.

SSP builds the social capital of women that has generated new livelihoods, new markets and new entrepreneurs. It acts as a facilitator of women leaders to manage savings, credit and micro-businesses, address local risk and build community resilience.

These initiatives are interlinked and work in collaboration to focus on the following core areas: microfinance, skills training, rural marketing, nutrition, health services, agriculture and livelihoods for women.

SSP thrives on grassroots women-led approach in disaster risk reduction and climate change adaptation to build resilience among vulnerable communities. Our priority areas are understanding risk, develop local partnership, and enhance grassroots women skills and capacities in promoting community entrepreneurship to create resilient communities.