Upmanyu Patil of SSP Addresses The Economic Times 4th Annual Rural Strategy Summit

The Economic Times 4th Annual Rural Strategy Summit was held on the 23rd of September in Mumbai. This is the most exclusive annual gathering of the leading stakeholders working across different industry sectors in the rural domain, coming together to discuss, deliberate and analyze the latest trends in the sector, in a disruptive an ever changing environment. Upmanyu Patil, Swayam Shikshan Prayog was a speaker at this event.

SSP Chosen as Key Implementing Partner in HSBC Skills For Life Program

Swayam Shikshan Prayog has been selected as one of the key implementing partners under HSBC Skills For Life program. HSBC Skills for Life is a five-year INR 1 billion (£10 million) commitment by HSBC India that will support NGOs in India to provide employment and entrepreneurship-linked skills training for disadvantaged young people and focus on livelihood enhancement and financial education of women. SSP was selected as one of 16 partners to implement the program in Maharashtra from over 800 NGO’s across across 28 states in India in July 2016. SSP will train over 350 adolescent girls in entrepreneurship and vocational skills in Marathwada region of Maharashtra.

Unleash: Opportunities, Aspirations, Leadership. Promoting Women’s Economic Empowerment for Global Change

Ms. Prema Gopalan, a speaker on the panel Intern-linkages between Energy Transitions and Gender at the first India-Africa Women’s Forum to address how women’s equal and active participation can be encouraged in various areas.