SSP’s strategy is to empower women groups as primary users of health services.

Key Activities include:

Self learning on health concerns

learning and training on health concerns
participation in public health campaigns;
Identify health problems specific to women and to evolve methods to improve women’s health status.

Monitoring Health services

Monitor functioning of the primary health services accountable, like monitoring of the PHC’s/sub-centers.
Health services more accessible enable women’s groups to understand various programs and schemes that are provided by the government health department at various levels.
Facilitate women to participate in public health campaigns and activities to promote learning by doing.
Develop community monitoring tools - report cards and dialogue workshops

Community planning for health

Mapping of water health and sanitation facilities
Listing of health providers -private, traditional and government
Women’s groups lead health awareness camps, immunization rallies
Link health and sanitation through improving personal hygiene practices, water quality, conducting health camps, growing herbal gardens and promoting use of home remedies