In Swayam Shikshan Prayog's perspective, savings and credit groups act as a powerful tool for women's empowerment. We strongly believe that savings and credit groups - SCGs provide a base for poor women to organise themselves, expand options for livelihoods and to participate actively in development. The learning and exchange between women's groups is crucial for enhancing participation, while linkages with banks and institutions is crucial to accessing resources.Savings and credit groups are groups made up of about 20 women who come together mobilise savings and take loans on interest to meet health emergencies, start businesses, service agriculture needs at terms collectively agreed upon by the group.

SSP partners with over 1680 self help groups with 22,507 women and households belonging to rural poor communities across Latur, Osmanabad, Solapur, Nanded, Beed and Amravati districts in Maharashtra and Jamnagar, Kutch districts in Gujarat. Economic empowerment has resulted in member saving of Rs.1,17,24,304 while group members have accessed loans totaling Rs. 2,61,86,076 for a wide range of activities including household emergencies, health, education, agriculture and enterprise activities.

Sakhi Federations are leading the scaling up the 'empowerment process through self-help' from village level groups to independent community owned institutions. Sakhi Federations (Mahasanghs) provide the identity for women's collectives to address economic and social development issues of poor communities. Each taluka federation is an apex organization with membership of 60 to 100 groups. In Latur and Osmanabad districts, seven federations are operationalised to provide training on financial systems, database and monitoring to groups, undertake development projects, health and education services in Mahiti Kendras, provide enterprise support and training, undertake water and sanitation infrastructure works and promote women in local governance.