After the Latur earthquake in 1993, SSP played a role as Community Participation Consultant with the Government in the World Bank supported post earthquake rehabilitation project from 1994 to 1998. SSP supported by the government, transformed a state led beneficiary program into a community driven effort. Central to this redesigned strategy was the Government decision to empower grassroots women's groups in 300 villages to monitor progress of reconstruction of houses and public infrastructure. Crucial to the success of this intervention was the community self-monitoring system, facilitated by SSP. Lessons gained by us have relevance in the context of a community driven approach.

After the massive earthquake in Gujarat, in January 26th 2001, SSP joined hands with field organizations and the government to implement a community led reconstruction strategy. Key to the community-to-community exchange is the transfer of insights and lessons by women's groups with previous experience of earthquake reconstruction in Latur-Osmanabad in Maharashtra. Across 200 villages in Gujarat, SSP collaborates with organizations to institutionalize a community strategy with central participation of women's collectives. Immediate post disaster reconstruction is seen as an opportunity to mobilize women to participate in community decision making and build their skills to long term development issues such as credit and livelihoods, basic services etc. The multi pronged strategy includes information outreach, skills training for artisans, construction of mid term shelters and building of community owned centres to bridge the gaps in basic services.
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