GOVERNMENT OF MAHARASHTRA (Dec. 2000 to Nov. 2003)

Realising the crisis in rural water and sanitation sector, the government called for shift from a supply-led to a demand- driven approach with the launch of statewide sector reforms. SSP’s involvement as Community Participation Consultant in the Government of Maharashtra Sector Reform Project is two fold: providing capacity building and technical support for Gram Panchayats and upstreaming lessons learnt in the field into policy initiatives. SSP’s district resource teams are assisting Gram Panchayats in 150 villages to design, plan and implement community driven water management and sanitation services with active participation of women’s groups.

World Bank supported Pilot project in 3 districts Osmanabad, Satara and Pune to pilot the implementation of community driven management of RWSS. Consultancy as Field NGO in Osmanabad district with Sakhi Federation to create 5 model villages to demonstrate community managed Rural Water Supply projects by Village Waetr and Sanitation Committees and women’s self help groups.

In the JalSwarajya, a community driven water management and sanitation project supported by the World Bank, SSP is key to the production of Community Operational Manual. Intended as a user guide for Gram Panchayats, communities and other stakeholders, it will build community capacity to innovate, plan, implement and sustain services.

HIVOS (April 2001 to March 2004)

HIVOS support to Swayam Shikshan Prayog (SSP hereafter) is for the project Investment in Communities a partnership wherein SSP seeks to facilitate strengthening of capacities in grassroots women’s groups, with the principal assumption that self-help among women’s collectives through self-education will lead and facilitate the social, political and economic transformation of women and rural poor communities. Project Objectives:
To strengthen women’s groups through social and economic empowerment strategies
To scale up the socio-economic mobilization and empowerment processes through community owned federations/ Sakhi Mahasanghs.
To strengthen self-education network by formation of cluster working groups and advocacy initiatives
To develop sustainable enterprise support systems with women's groups and federations

UNDP-GoI (Sept. 1999 - June 2003)

The UNDP-Government of India Project ‘Capacity Building for Effective Governance’ is aimed at empowerment of women in poor communities, for transformation of Panchayati Raj institutions, and thereby gaining recognition for women’s groups as key actors in local planning and development.

GTZ - German Technical Cooperation

The Project `Reaching the Unreached' aim to put poor adolescent girls into the position through the development of age- and genders specific organisational forms and qualification-activities, voice their own specific interests and hence raise their social and economic situation. The 2nd Phase of the project "Legal aid and self-governance for women in the community alliance building for local development" aims to strengthen SSP's efforts to facilitate self help groups and federations to build up on their collective strengths and participate actively in planning and decision making in the context of local self-governance.

Post Earthquake Rehabilitation Work in Gujarat

SSP is reinforcing people's initiatives to redevelop their communities in over 200 villages of Kutch, Rajkot and Jamnagar districts of Gujarat with the support of American Jewish World Service USA, Citi Bank Mumbai, Compaq Bangalore, Misereor Germany, Procter and Gamble (P&G) Mumbai.