Focus Areas


Clean Energy

SSP and SURE have partnered with FirstEnergy, a company operating in the
advanced cookstove and fuel space, to launch a number of nano-pelletizer plants
to manufacture bio-fuel pellets for cook-stoves… Read more.

Health Services

SSP is deeply engaged with the lives of rural women, and this has positioned us to
accomplish significant milestones… Read more.

Community Sanitation

SSP supports Sakhis, the women entrepreneurs, to design and manufacture
prefabricated toilet units that can… Read more.

Agriculture & Nutrition

SSP selects and nurtures agriculture leaders in every village. We educate our
members – women and adolescent girls- about… Read more.

Community Resilience

The Community Resilience Approach uses an integrative and holistic
approach to reduce risk and vulnerabilities, raise awareness… Read more.