• From 2009 to 2018: SSP Consortium of social enterprises facilitated over 1,45,000 women to emerge as responsible farmers, entrepreneurs and community leaders.
  • The Group’s combined initiatives have mobilized over Rs 700 million in eight years, benefiting over four million people across underserved and climate threatened areas in Maharashtra, Bihar and other states.
  • From 2009 to 2018: The women entrepreneurs launched by SSP has total consumer base of 7,73,000 families and cumulative earnings of Rs 20 crores on a monthly basis. These include 55,000 women who have taken loans and are engaged for the first time productive activities.
  • By unleashing new market-linked livelihoods, the group of social enterprises has increased annual household incomes of entrepreneurs by 33%.
  • One million rural low income households improved the quality of their lives through access to credit, health care services and insurance, safe drinking water, organic products, bio-mass fuels, solar lighting products.
  • Empowered 900 women as leaders of climate resilience.
  • Disseminated information on awareness on drought resilience and recovery, sustainable agriculture practices, and nutrition-sensitive farming to around 1,80,000 women farmers.
  • Around 750 families use prefabricated toilets, and three villages have been declared ‘open-defecation free’ till March 2018.
  • 2400 villages in six disaster and climate affected villages are served by our community resilience program, driven by an expanding network of 1,00,000 women volunteers in self-help groups.
  • Developed partnership with state governments in community resilience building initiatives in post-disaster recovery and development in 2001 Gujarat Earthquake, Asia Tsunami in Tamil Nadu in 2004 and floods and climatic risk in Bihar, Odisha and Assam.