SSP Group

Towards fulfilling its mission of sustainable community development by empowering women as economic leaders and entrepreneurs, the Swayam Shikshan Prayog (SSP) Group has promoted social enterprises that offer a range of skill-building, sustainable livelihoods and health-enhancing opportunities,energy and agriculture products, financial & insurance services to rural women and youth.

Since 2006, the SSP Group has been engaged in facilitating the entry of community level, grassroots women’s groups & Federations into new emerging rural markets as Sakhis or village level entrepreneurs by spearheading social enterprises  and partnering with corporates.

Social Enterprises established and supported by SSP Group support innovation and learning for the BOP that include co-creation of affordable products,ease of services & information to communities towards advancing sustainable development.

Group Eco-system: Rural Women as Investors-borrowers - entrepreneurs - producers – leaders - stakeholders in social & community enterprises

Group Outreach: 5,00,000 households

Group Turnover: Rs. 520 million

Group Impact: Increased capacities, incomes, revenues, loans, savings

          40 % growth in women led retail, trades, enterprises

           Savings on cooking fuel, lighting by 30-50%

          33 % increase in incomes for women entrepreneurs

          Reduction of health expenditure by 30 %