Sakhi Retail


Sakhi Retail is a social enterprise that markets and distributes products that are affordable, clean, green and high impact products in rural areas, through its unique women’s network across 5 districts/ towns in Maharashtra.

The Sakhi Retail network of over1000+ trained women entrepreneurs have impacted several lakh households by delivering clean & green products/services. Since 2007, it’s grassroots business model and turnover of Rs 8 crores,  has allowed Sakhis to increase incomes, savings, access health & social protection. Facilitated by the late C.K. Prahalad, Sakhi Retail co-created with BP Energy clean fuel cook stoves and later with Godrej to develop Chotukool a low energy mini-fridge.

Current partnerships for marketing & distribution include cook stoves with First Energy, with HUL on water purifiers, treated water with Eureka Forbes( Aquaguard),  LSS Solar for solar water heaters, Vidya Deep Solar for portable LED lantern and  bio-gas plants with Kirloskar etc. among others.

Opportunity for Partners: Tie ups for clean, green and well-being products, customized awareness building campaigns, product development and test marketing.