Agriculture & Food Security

SSP began its agriculture initiative in early 2008-09, in four districts in Maharashtra and spread this approach to 3 states. Today, SSP works with around 3,000 women farmers and over 1500 male farmers in crisis ridden districts of Vidarbha. In the light of the threat from climate change, vegetable production can be a resilient solution due to short crop cycles, crop rotation and seasonality. Women’s informal efforts to scale up vegetable production will be amplified by using their knowledge of nutrition, food and seed processing.

SSP works on a scaled up strategy in the agriculture sector. SSP’s women and agriculture initiative seeks to organize women farmers so they gain exposure and knowledge on farming techniques and are recognized by families and institutions as farmers and experts. At the centre of SSP’s strategy is to empower women to view themselves as farmers and innovators. The initiative provides for sustainable livelihoods and incomes and ensures food security.


  • Access to over 1000 ++ acres of land for experimentation by women

·         Vegetable produce is now available for households whereas earlier families stopped consuming vegetables as they had to travel far.

·         Women increased their market access and income to meet food consumption needs in families.

·         Reduction in vulnerabilities through diversification of livelihoods,

·         Increase in technical knowledge around agriculture & skills

·         Ability to conduct business in local markets.

·         Long term improvement in soil condition and yield quantity and quality in cases where organic techniques are used, which illustrates an increase in environmental protection through promotion of sustainable agriculture.

  • Learning Network of leaders with vital expertise on innovations in farming & scaling up

Plans to scale-up to launch 6000 women as farmers groups by 2015