Disaster Risk Resilience

SSP is a global and national leader in building resilience of women and communities in the face of disasters and sudden climate crises. SSP has partnered with Groots International (Grassroots Organizations Operating Together in Sisterhood), the HuairouCommision, the United Nations Development Program to create pioneering interventions and develop community trainers.  A founding member of the National Alliance on Disaster Risk Reduction, a network of 170 NGOs,SSP established a Community Disaster Resilience Fund (CDRF) that addresses the growing gap between local initiatives and those at national and global levels. Lessons from the CDRF experience are part of the national level advocacy with state and national programs through India’s National Disaster Management Authority and through local governments.  SSP’s approach and partnerships ensure that grassroots women’s priorities are brought to the national disaster-reduction agenda.  


SSP began by working on disaster reconstruction since 1993 after the Latur earthquake. By centrally involving grassroots women and communities in re-building homes, SSP seeded the concept of building resilience in crisis ridden communities. SSP partnered with Govts and communities to extend its women centred approach after the Gujarat earthquake 2001 and the Tsunami 2004 in Tamil Nadu, and currently partners with NGOs flood and cyclone prone areas of Andhra Pradesh, Orissa, Bihar and Assam.

Recognized for its grassroots approach, SSP coordinates a global initiative reaching out to Guatemala and Honduras. Selected among many, SSP’s community resilience and HFA advocacy effort covers over 60 communities in 3 states in India. The World Bank –GFDRR South-South project equips grassroots women to demonstrate climate resilient solutions by using small funds. Women’s groups in vulnerable areas are trained by NGOs to identify local hazards and vulnerabilities and partner with local governments.



         SSP is a global and national leader in recovery and building resilience among women and communities in the face of disasters and sudden climate crises.

         SSP and its grassroots networks have spearheaded innovations, a highlight being the Community Disaster Resilience Fund, which puts funds directly into the hands of local women’s groups /networks to reduce disasters and climate impact.

         Advocacy processes ensures that grassroots priorities/practice are brought to the national DRR -disaster-reduction agenda.  

         SSP partners with GROOTS International and Huairou Commission to ensure that grassroots priorities are brought to the national and global disaster-reduction agendas