Nothing is Impossible!

Renuka Hanmant Sutar a simple woman from Khadavi village sets up an ideal example for other villagers with her unanticipated enterprise's activity. She belongs to Khandvi village of Barshi Block in Solapur having been studies just primary was married into a simple family was tired up with household activities being unaware of other employment opportunities. Renuka Tai whose husband struggles as a person with a disability does the job of carpentry to support the family; the work paid fewer wages it was only sufficient to meet a family’s survival. Before business staring Renuka tai received SVEP entrepreneurship training from MSRLM -UMED through SSP in 2018.   

After this training encouraged Renuka Tai to start her own business and support her family. She decided on a trading based enterprise at the household level, she started a ladies store enterprise in the village in the year 2018. She started selling garments of children and women in the village. She was not much aware of empowerment and other employment opportunities in the village, as she was not allowed to go outside and was tied up with household activities.   

Before starting her own business she was working in her own agriculture field. Though she has grown as a businesswoman she still faces great challenges in running the enterprise, she often has to sell cloth on credit bases as other do not have money from their farm business, this affects her next lot of purchase. But she believes this is the only way of doing business in the village as every one may not have sufficient income or wages to pay each time. Running a business at the household level is also a challenge as it occupies a lot of space and managing both shop and house sometimes becomes a difficult task. She wishes to have a separate space for her own business, without difficulties in managing household activities as well.   

Though she struggles a bit with a loan but with support from her family she is able to pay off all her debts. In order to attract more customers, she keeps herself updated with the latest fashion and varieties available in the market. She says SSP is providing great support to her in running the business but in order to open a cloth shop, she believes families support is of great importance. 

This motivated Renuka Tai to step out of her comfort zone and support the family in her own way. She decided to start her own enterprise observing that there were No cloth shops in the village started a ladies store enterprise for women and children. According to Renuka Tai starting a cloth business was comparatively easier to maintain and could be handled along with household chores.   

Renuka Tai at the age of 32 attends various entrepreneurship training, she says attending entrepreneurship training conducted by (SSP) Swayam Shikshan Prayog has made her stronger and independent women capable running an enterprise, maintaining records of the purchases and sales, to be able to decide the cost of product depending on purchase cost and more.  She says the training has completely changed her as a person giving her better decision-making abilities which have provided a social and financial status to her family. SSP provides great insights to improve one’s financial condition: it provides opportunities to expand their enterprise, better market exposure, methods to attract more customers like wise, she says. 

Renuka Hanmant Sutar, Contact Details: 8605993814