Women’s Leadership and Network Services

Swayam Shikshan Prayog
Empowering women
What SSP does
Women and Sustainable Agriculture
Building Community Resilience and Climate Change Adaptation


SSP aims to promote empowerment of women as leaders and entrepreneurs through self help groups, social enterprises and community led initiatives that offer a large range of skill-building, livelihoods generation and health-enhancing opportunities to rural women, youth and communities at large. Through its robust social enterprise ecosystem, Sakhi Social Enterprise Network (SSEN) for skills and entrepreneurship training, Sakhi Unique Rural Enterprise (SURE) for advancing rural distribution and market opportunities, Sakhi Samudaya Kosh (SSK) for innovative finance and Sakhi Arogya Samudaya Trust (SAST) for providing preventive health care, SSP impacts over one million people in low income communities.

SSP also focuses on building social and economic competencies of women’s networks at the grassroots towards enhancing community resilience in disaster and climate hit areas.

Women and Sustainable Agriculture

SSP builds capacities of grassroots women as innovators in sustainable agriculture. In climatic and disaster prone areas, grassroots women groups introduce innovative practices like drought and flood resistant crops and early crop varieties through organic farming methods. Women’s efforts are scaled up to new communities using their local knowledge and networks to address food security, nutrition and additional income to poor families. Today, SSP teams support around 4,000 women farmers.