Innovative Finance


Giving women financial support

Committed to financial inclusion and economic empowerment of poor women, since 2006, SSP with its micro finance institution - SSK has loaned over ` 60 crores to 40,000 women-led enterprises, besides loans for life improvement for housing, investment in agriculture, sanitation and education.

SSK sets women on the path to self-reliance by helping them avail easy credit. Owing to peculiar social circumstances and lack of opportunities, innovative rather than conventional methods of funding have been found to be more effective. Hence SSK functions as a bridge between mainstream financial corporations and local self-help groups to arrange the funds. This is done through innovative solutions such as micro-credit and micro insurance schemes.

The ease of availability of funds coupled with affordable conditions ensures that women are enabled to plan their savings and household finances better. One of the more visible outcomes is that SSK has helped tap into women’s entrepreneurial spirits and helped them handle finances, meet household expenses and create assets with more efficiency.