Forced Migration: Review
Disasters and Displacement in a Changing Climate 


Mr. Chandran Puthiyottil, Mr. Laxmikant Malvadkar and Mr. Rajesh Badakh from Swayam Shikshan Prayog were part of the Trainees Team. The program was supported by ICIMOD, in partnership with IIRM. 

Workshop Series “Gender Impacts of Disaster & Disaster Reconstruction Process (Insights and Lessons)

Workshop Series on Gender Impacts of Disaster & Disaster Reconstruction Processes (Insights and Lessons) Presented by All India Disaster Mitigation Institute, Ahmedabad and The Prajnya Trust, Chennai Organized by Tamil Nadu State Land Use Research Board State Planning Commission Ezhilagam, Chepauk, Chennai , India.


Women’s Participation in Disaster Relief and Recovery - 2007

Ayse Yonder with SengulAckar and PremaGopalan. Published by SEEDS

The detailed case studies from three earthquake-stricken areas in India and Turkey provide examples of how low-income women who have lost everything can form groups and become active participants in the relief and recovery process. The article also examines the roles that NGOs and government policy and procedures play in facilitating (or impeding) women’s involvement.

Supported by GROOTS International

Women Builders “Breaking barriers in earthquake torn villages”

The book is an account of women rebuilding habitats and restoring livelihoods after disasters. It tells how women’s groups take the lead when there is space to take part in rehabilitation and development, with a little help from the Government, donors and NGOs like SwayamShikshanPrayog (SSP), Mumbai, whose work is the focus of the book. The book was released in Latur on September 29, 2003,at a meeting of over 4000 women on the eve of the earthquake decennial.