The story of Rukmani Subhash Kadam:
Milk business, vegetable shop and house repair
  Rukmani Subhash Kadam, 40, raised her five daughters and two sons alone after her husband died. To increase the household income, which was only Rs. 1,100 per month, she decided to take several
loans from SSK, the only possible source of funds accessible to her. The first loan enabled her to do goat farming which could only last a year as the goats were too old to have more babies. Then she
started milk business with a loan to buy a buffalo. In 2012, she also received a loan to launch a vegetable business having been trained specifically for this by SSP. Rukmini supplements income
from these sources along with that from her regular cleaning job. She intends to develop their farm with the income and has successfully married off her two eldest daughters, though one of her daughters
dropped out of school to look after the house. She recently received a house repair loan from SSK in 2011 to repair her roof with new sheet

Manisha Deepak Kashik
Meeting the Needs of Rural Women
  Restless to do more than just manage household chores, Manisha was drawn to the good work SSP
had carried out in her village through SHGs. Sufficiently motivated, she purchased two sewing machines. For eight years Manisha balanced her tailoring job with household chores and caring for
her three children. Following the advice of her neighbours, she began selling Bhushan Skin Care Products. For two months she worked hard to market the products, travelling door to door and
persuading women as to the benefits of taking care of their skin. Soon, her persuasive marketing campaign worked and women began coming to her home, obviating the need for her tiresome treks
around the village. She’s repaid all of her previous loans and now is planning to ask for 1-2 lakh in order to finance the salon. Manisha is hoping to help train and advise more women through the E-School.

Swarna Iresh Chappekar
The Ties that bind
  Swarna Iresh Chappekar, 35, is the secretary of Mallinath Sakhi Bachat Ghat. 4 years ago, she
decided with her brother-in-law to start a school ties business at home. They took a first loan in 2008 from SSK of Rs. 5,000 to buy the materials necessary to make the ties and start their activity. This was
followed by 3 other loans from SSK (one per year) in order to buy the same materials. Initially owing to the seasonality of revenues, her husband had to take to working as a labourer in construction in order
to repay the loan installments. Today, their enterprise is growing fast. They sell 15,000 to 20,000 ties a year and also make a profit of Rs. 1 per tie produced. Thanks to this her husband now dedicates all his
time to their farm, which gives them sustenance as well as seasonal revenue. They have also invested in an autorickshaw which yields a revenue of Rs. 5000 a month. Thanks to the combination of these
activities their total household’s income has doubled and Swarna’s family have raised their standard of living. She plans to ask for another loan after repaying this one in order to develop her business and
start producing the whole school uniform (and not only the ties).