Preventive Healthcare Services


SSP deploys its network of village level health entrepreneurs or “Arogya Sakhis” to deliver preventive health services at the doorstep of the rural communities. Further build awareness about preventive healthcare and risks associated, particularly focusing adolescent girls and women around anemia, malnutrition, maternal care and rising lifestyle illnesses such as diabetes and hypertension. Forge linkages and partnerships with local health service providers for increased access to affordable medical care and other health services through the Arogya Sakhis.

SSP’s approach empowers women and young girls in communities with:

  • Increased awareness on health risks, adopt a care seeking behavior and be decision makers for their health needs
  • Access to affordable preventive and primary health services and products at the doorstep.


  • Provide preventive health training to women from the landless, low income households who have completed primary school education, interested in providing health services and become Arogya Sakhis or village level health entrepreneurs.
  • Support Arogya Sakhis to reach out to women in villages – young girls and mothers- educate them on preventive healthcare, alters nutrition seeking patterns and offers affordable health care solutions at their doorstep.
  • Arogya Sakhis are equipped with the latest technology –compact health kit with small digital diagnostic devices and a tablet to record data displayed on the machines during the tests.
  • Works with community institutions and resource persons such as Panchayat members, SHG groups, public and private health service providers, to build an enabling environment for Arogya Sakhis.


Capacity Building for Arogya Sakhis

SSP trains Arogya Sakhis, or community women who are chosen by SSP’s self-help groups for their demonstrated caliber and networking skills. SSP puts them on a continual capacity building program – theory and practical with device/technology demonstrations to deploy them as health workers managing last-mile delivery of preventive healthcare awareness and services.

Preventive Healthcare tests and services at the doorstep

Arogya Sakhis conducts door to door visits and organizes group awareness meetings on preventive health care and nutrition in the villages. They are equipped to conduct primary health screening for women in the villages, offer affordable health and nutrition products, counseling and further provide referral services by linking marginalized communities to the local health service providers.


SSP equips Arogya Sakhis with a health kit with a set of diagnostic devices mainly HB meters, glucometers, blood pressure monitors, etc together with a tablet with pre-installed, customized Arogya Sakhi application. The application in the tablet enables the Sakhis to record basic beneficiary information and captures their health through the results displayed in the diagnostic devices.


Since 2010, over 380 women equipped as Arogya Sakhis and provide doorstep health services in the villages of Maharashtra. Women and girls have increased knowledge on preventive health, maternal care and various other health issues. Marginalized families have increased access to affordable health services and insurance through mutual support groups created by SSP.


SSP welcomes support for training of Arogya Sakhis or village health entrepreneurs with enhanced entrepreneurial, marketing and diagnostic technology skills to deliver doorstep preventive health care information and services.


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