01.  SSP's involvement with micro credit and micro finance, December 2001. 
A StudyReport
02.   Water Report, November 2001.
A SSP Initiative in Community Driven RWS and Sanitation Pilot Project.
03.   Lessons from the Epicentre, October 2001.
Mainstreaming Women's Initiatives in Disaster and Development.
04.   Margin to Mainstream, September 2001.
Newsletter on Post Gujarat Earthquake Rehabilitation.
05.   Rapid Study feedback note, September 2001.
This note summarizes the outcomes of the rapid appraisal study conducted by SSPas Community Participation Consultant (CPC) to the Govt of Maharashtra (GoM) and supported by Water and Sanitation Program.
06. Reality Check - Field notes, September 2001.
A Rapid Appraisal of sector reforms in the RWSS -Rural Water Supply and Sanitation Programme in Maharashtra.
07. The Many faces of micro-credit, August 2001.
There is a distinction between micro-credit and credit-for-empowerment, Article by Prema Gopalan.
08. Responding to earthquakes, June 2001.
People's participation in Reconstruction and Rehabilitation, Article by Prema Gopalan.
09. Margin to Mainstream, April 200.
Newsletter on rebuilding communities in Gujarat.
10. SSP Annual Report. April 2001.
11. Attention Points, February, 2001
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