20. From Crisis to Community Development: Community-State Partnership in a Post Earthquake project in Maharashtra, April 1999.
This article describes the way in which a post disaster reconstruction program was used to bring women into the centre of local development processes.
21. Women's Eye-View: Grassroots Women's Approach to Settlements Development, March 1999.
This set of documents represents an action-research project that seeks to understand how grassroots women see settlements development and how they can impact the planning apparatus to incorporate their concerns into policy agendas at local and national levels.
22. Best Practice Task Force Meeting, February 1999.
The focus on Best Practices is part of the larger goal of the Huairou commission - Our Best Practice Task Force to examine Best Practice processes in order to redefine Best Practices and use them for local, regional and global advocacy. For this report, please write to SSP.
23. Supporting to Community Enterprise, February 1999.
This is a discussion note on search for new strategies to support community based local livelihoods so as to move them from subsistence to enterprise.
24. Visiting Alternatives: an Inter-State Study Tour on Savings and Credit, November 1998.
This document describes the collective learning of voluntary organisations from Maharashtra who visited savings and credit alternatives in Tamil Nadu, Karnataka.For this report, please write to SSP.    
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