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•  Strengthening Women's Groups, Networks and Federations (presentation), June 2004

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•  Government Resolutions

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•  Status of Life in Temporary Shelters: An assessment on the life in temporary shelters in Tsunami affected areas of Nagapattinam District, Tamil Nadu. July 2005

News School University , New York - SSP - GROOTS International Summer Programme
The presentations captured insights from the field and lessons for policy makers. 

•  Federations: An Empowering Approach to Micro Micro-credit Delivery/ A. Duncan MacVicar. July 2004

•  Linking Women's Linking Women's Federations to Financial Federations to Financial Institutions Institutions/ Erin Erin McLachlans . July 2004 (presentation)

•  Enabling Women's Leadership, Transforming Communities/ Brian Pfieffer. June 2005 (presentation)

•  Community Water Management/ Stacey Stecko, July 2005 (presentation)

•  Women's Self-Help Groups and Village-Level Development: Central to Decentralized Planning/ Tad Martin. July 2004 (presentation)

•  scaling up scaling up through through community community-led learning/ abigail augusta . July 2004. (Presentation)

•  Best Practices in Sanitation/Louisa Lippi, June 2005 (presentation)

•  Paraprofessional Teams in Osmanabad and Nanded Districts, Maharashtra . June 2005 (presentation)

•  The Future of Micro-enterprises: Scaled-up Livelihoods for Rural Women's Empowerment. June 2005

•  SSP Community Health Initiatives: An Overview of Women's Innovative Strategies in Osmanabad & Latur/ Nicole Barber, June 2005 (presentation)

•  Practicing Good Governance Community Led Water Supply & Sanitation Systems/ Michela Calabres. July 2005. (Presentation)

•  A Partnership between Zilla Parishads and Communities: Primary Health Centre Improvement O smanabad and Latur Districts, Maharashtra , India / Anna Williams. June 2005 (presentation)

Our Life, Our Film (25 minutes) 
Directed by eight grassroots women belonging to quake-ravaged villages of Kutch in Gujarat , this visual narrative walks the road with women and children in their struggle to rebuild their lives. The film received rave reviews in Indian media. To get a copy, write to us at [email protected]

Women Builders : "Breaking barriers in earthquake torn villages" is an account of women rebuilding habitats and restoring livelihoods after disasters. It tells how women's groups take the lead when there is space to take part in rehabilitation and development, with help from the government, donors and NGOs. This book is written by Max Martin, published by Books for Change, Bangalore . To get a copy, write to us at [email protected]

If you are interested to get the full papers/studies, please write to us at: [email protected]

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