Sushama Babu, House Owner, Mundar, Kottayam District

The flood that occurred on August 2018 created great havoc all over Kerala. While most of the aftermaths of flood has been dealt with, there are some areas in Kerala still struggling to compact what the flood has left for them. Mundar in Kallara Panchayat of Kottayam district of Kerala is among the worst regions affected by the flood. While government subsidies and flood reliefs has reached one half of the Mundar, the other half is devoid of all these supports and benefits. 

Most of the houses in this region was affected by the flood fully or partially. Swayam Shikshak Prayog with the support of Habitat for humanity India has launched the ‘Kerala Flood Response Project’ to support the flood affected people and to create sustainable models in community resilience.   

Majority of the people settled here falls under below poverty line and finds hard to make both ends meet. The catastrophic flood vandalised their houses and livelihood, further doubling their distresses. Babu’s house was one of many houses that was severely affected by the flood. 

Babu who was an agricultural labourer is now bed ridden suffering from respiratory disease. His family including his wife sushamma, son Shyam, daughter in law Geethu and two little granddaughters Anamika and Anakhi was under great dilemma when their house got destructed by the flood. 

Their house got submerged in the flood causing serious loss to properties and utilities inside the house. Further, the foundation of the house got sunk making it riskier to live in it. Flood jeopardized their lives and left them roofless. 

Swayam Shikshak Prayog undertook the maintenance work of their house under its reconstruction and maintenance project. The reconstruction program of SSP focuses on women’s leadership, housing, health, water, sanitation, community infrastructure, local government participation and climate resilient sustainable agriculture for 238 families hit by flood. 

“This initiative of SSP to support flood affected people and their homes is a great support for us. I still don’t know what we would have done to rebuild our home without the help of SSP.” Says the house owner Babu.