Unnati Global Forum is the first of its kind event focusing on the achievements, perseverance, and potential of grassroots women leaders. The Forum is organized by Swayam Shikshan Prayog and the first event will be hosted this year in May.

The theme of this year’s Unnati Global Forum is ‘Women Lead Change’. At SSP, we believe that rural women have the potential to create lasting change. As people whose lives are directly impacted by global challenges like climate change, food shortage and income insecurity, their solutions and approach are remarkably innovative and are guided by local wisdom. Contrary to prevailing belief, grassroots women have the ability to take charge and lead, and thus transform their communities.

The Forum will see participants from diverse backgrounds like academicians, bilateral and multilateral organizations, policymakers, corporates, and philanthropists.

Unnati aims to:

  • Explore the untapped potential of grassroots women leaders.
  • Establish a dialogue between key stakeholders and women leaders.
  • Engage in acknowledging and nurturing development programs led by rural women.
  • Expand the limits of women leaders and their programs.
  • Energize women networks to be more effective in implementing solutions.

  • To offer grassroots women the support they require to take their ideas from dream to reality.
  • To create women leaders with the ability to take charge of their lives and provide direction to their communities.
  • To create a platform for collaborative learning and action between grassroots women leaders and key stakeholders from different segments of society – government, business, academia, to name a few.

Applications from 200 women leaders were received, which detailed their achievements, the challenges they have identified and the solutions they plan to implement. Out of this vast number, 20 women have been shortlisted, who will be further categorized into Aspire Fellows and Accelerator Fellows.

The 15 Aspire Fellows and the 5 Accelerator Fellows will be selected by March 2018. The selection process will include the involvement and advice of renowned specialists and experts in the area of women’s rights, leadership and microfinance, through their active participation in the District Level Jury and the Unnati Expert Panel.

A specially designed Unnati Leadership Workshop will focus on self-empowerment, understanding and planning the journey of these Fellows as Change-makers and community development.

This workshop will be followed by an onsite ideation (at the respective village level) with the Fellows to identify and discuss community level issues. In addition, a ‘write shop’ is also planned with the Fellows to enable them to articulate their vision and plans for the Fellowship Period.

The Fellows will then share their plans and dreams with their communities – Self Help Groups, Gram Panchayat members and other key community members and seek their inputs.

Finally, the Fellows will present their plans at the Unnati Global Forum 2018.

The Fellows will be formally awarded the Fellowship at the event.

You can support Unnati Fellowship and the Fellows with donations. The financial resources will go towards helping the Fellows implement their solutions to the challenges they have identified in their communities.

You can maintain a connection with the selected Fellow/s, and mentor and guide them in their journey as change-makers. You can also have regular scheduled visits to the Fellowship geographical areas and have interactions with the community.

By being a donor, you will receive quarterly reports from SSP on the activities conducted by the selected Fellow/s and their progress made towards their goals.

You will also have the option of having a boosted online presence through tagging and other mentions in any social media or other promotions done on the Fellowship Program in general and the selected Fellow/s in particular.