What We Do


We equip rural women through self-learning avenues and foster them as entrepreneurs, leaders and changemakers in their communities. We enable grassroots women to set up social ventures that serve their communities, and provide access to finance, skills and markets to grow their enterprises.

SSP and its group of social enterprises including SSK, SSEN, SAST and SURE facilitate women to lead self-help groups, social enterprises and community-centered initiatives that offer a wide range of financial services, skill-building and livelihoods generation, sanitation and health-enhancing opportunities to build resilience among rural communities. We provide information, products and services in impact sectors such as clean energy, safe water and sanitation, health and nutrition, agriculture and food security.

SSP partners with a consortium of 5,500 self-help groups (SHGs) in marginalized regions. Our initiatives are strengthened through women’s leadership, partnerships with local government bodies, state governments and corporate partners.

Community initiatives and peer-to-peer exchanges help us advance our mission to a larger canvas. Our proven models are being replicated in similar contexts in countries such as Kenya, Philippines, Nepal, Bangladesh and Indonesia through local women’s groups.